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Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World” Main Character’s review

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“The Lost World” is an old novel that was released in 1912. It was a great piece about the expedition to an Amazon basin’s plateau in South America. In the novel, the author talked about how prehistoric animals still survived on the flat terrain tableland including dinosaurs and some other extinct creatures. The main character was Professor Challenger with a news reporter and an explorer. The team would face great challenges on their expedition and would miraculous escape from ape-like creatures.

Daring, slow to anger and very convincing

Professor Challenger is a daring person who goes beyond any imaginations. He is also a great person who describes a scene very well. The main character also seems to be slow to anger. After fighting with Edward Malone (a reporter), he later agrees to narrate his story to him. In this reflective essay, Challenger simply uses a good description to draw a picture of the scene to Reporter Malone about the Amazon’s claim. He also has a great convincing power since he was able to ask the reporter, an adventurer and another person to go back to South America to prove his story. Despite the isolation of reaching the plateau the second time by Gomez, Professor Challenger does not get discouraged but rather insists on completing their expedition.

Fearless persons

The main characters are fearless because they are attacked several times by the Iguanodon. These are extremely large dinosaurs with large thumb spikes and long prehensile fifth fingers. The team is also attacked by flying reptiles with long fully toothed jaws. In fact, these creatures were simple flying dinosaurs with needle-like teeth. Despite all these, the team does not retreat and are determined to continue their journey to explore and get the scientific evidence needed. To them, it seems like a great pleasure trip and they are determined to do whatever it takes to reach at the far end of the plateau. The team courage is also exhibited when they were captured by the ape-like creatures but later rescued by the Accala (modern humans inhabiting a region on the side of the plateau).

Teamwork, friendliness and determination success

The team was already determined for great success. In their journey, they closely work as a team and they seem to meet new friends including the Accala and a young prince from the same tribe. Together, the team was able to discover a great tunnel that lead to the outside world. They even organized a large rescue party and upon returning to the English world, they have plenty of information to report to the public. They even present their evidence with pictures. However, some public figures seem to counter their reports until Challenger shows a clip of a live pterodactyl. Also, they had carried some blue clay that contained diamonds worth £200,000 which they split amongst themselves and later open a private museum.


This top class essay is a good piece that shows how novelists and essayist can come up with the best literature material that everyone would like to read. The novel has the best description and most readers are eager to read it until the end. The main characters have great skills and their characters go beyond imagination since they have worked together as a team to complete their expedition. Although they encounter numerous problems, they are finally able to make at the end where they even organize a great exit party. So, the novel simply tries to show the notion that no matter the problems, there is usually an exit route for a determined person who dares to dream.

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